Yes Homo! | Women in Comedy Festival
About the show



Yes Homo! is a podcast featuring live stand-up and in-depth interviews with some of the best LGBT+ comedians and storytellers around. The podcast is hosted by Boston-based comedians Dylan Uscher and Chloé Cunha. We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re funny as f*ck!
Dylan Uscher is a gay, cancer surviving stand-up comedian and emcee from Boston, MA. He uses a smart, story-telling style of comedy and counts Margaret Cho, Eddie Izzard, and Joan Rivers amongst his influences. Tackling taboo topics in a friendly and accessible way, Dylan excels at the kind of humor that makes audiences gasp, clutch their pearls, and laugh at the same time. You can reach Dylan at or on Twitter @dylanjuscher and @helloyeshomo.
Chloé Cunha is a poet, comedian, and occasional sapphic vampire, such as in the newly released film Blood of the Tribades (2016). She was co-host of The Encyclopedia Show: Somerville and is a host and regular performer at the Boston Poetry Slam in the Cantab Lounge. You can catch her being silly on Twitter @ChloeCunha.