Submissions for all live performance – improv, musical comedy, sketch, stand up, and storytelling – for the 2017 Women in Comedy Festival are now closed.

Submissions for our film festival are now also closed. If you applied to the film festival you will receive an email on March 6th, 2017 informing you whether or not you have been accepted to WICF 2017’s Film Festival.

This year WICF received significantly more applicants than ever before. Thanks to everyone who applied, your continued support means so much to us. If you missed the deadline, please join our newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when submissions open up again this fall for WICF 2018.

For live performance – improv, musical comedy, sketch, stand up, and storytelling – an email was sent out just before 10 am on Tuesday, February 14th to inform you whether or not you have been accepted to WICF 2017. If you have been accepted to WICF 2017 please confirm by replying to submissions@wicf.com. Please ignore any information that you saw on your application online prior to receiving the email from us as it may have changed. We apologize for the delays in the notification process on our end, we were pleasantly surprised by the increase in applications this year, and wanted to make sure each application was given the attention it deserved. Thank you all for your patience.

If you did not hear from us by Tuesday, February 14th, please take the following steps:

  1. Please check your spam filter. Sometimes our emails end up there!
  2. Immediately email us at submissions@wicf.com. If you did not get an email from us, this was an oversight on our end and we will get word to you within 24 hours.

We want to thank everyone who applied. We received over 600 live performance applications this year, and we have a limited number of slots we can fill, so if you are not accepted this year, please know that the field is very competitive and many factors go into final decisions.

The fact that you are out there making comedy and you took the effort to apply to WICF really means so much to us. Each application is viewed by at least three judges who each have years of experience in their respective genres and take the work of judging very seriously.

We hope that we will see as many of you as possible at the festival, whether you are performing, seeing a show, taking a workshop, or attending free panel. The more creative people who attend the festival, the more we can all learn from and inspire each other.

The WICF Team